Cultivating Connections Youth Webinar

Cultivating Connections Webinar: Power To Change

COVID-19 dramatically impacted the way churches engaged with their congregations, especially their youth and young adults.

A recent research study, developed by Power to Change Australia and conducted by McCrindle Research, highlighted the impact of COVID-19 on young people, along with key considerations for church leaders in re-engaging young people in a post-COVID reality.

From the research, a free webinar is being presented on Wednesday 21st February at 11.00am that will take a deep dive into the study’s research findings.
Our very own Charlie Burke is one of the panellists who will be sharing insights on the study’s findings and from his years of ministry experience.

Join a team of panelists to:

This webinar will be invaluable for Christian leaders who want to intentionally, strategically, and meaningfully (re)connect with youth and young adults. We’re looking forward to seeing you (and your friends) there! Head to to register.