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It’s exciting to see the huge amount of activity with leaders from various denominations, networks, churches and ministries innovating and collaborating to see multiplication ignited across our nation.
Following is a range of conversations where leading practitioners and thought leaders share insights into the work that they are doing to see the planting of new churches that will plant churches and the making of disciples who will make disciples.

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Tim & Victoria Giovenelli | Manly Life Church, Fairpoint, NSW Australia – Conviction & Staying in your lane

Conviction and staying in your lane. This week Tim and Victoria Giovenelli share that whole gammit of their church planting journey. What it means to stick to your guns when things seem tough, the transience of people and when it just feels overwhelming. But also what it means to create a space where the important things of prayer, evangelism, and life-giving community are prioritised. Furthermore, Tim and Victoria share on how the local church can maintain that pioneering spirit in reaching the lost, and the exhilitaring adventure of ongoing planting.

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Archie Coates | Vicar of St Peters Brighton & Vicar Designate of HBT, London UK – Transition & Succession

How do we handle leadership succession and transition? This is one of the great challenges for the church in this season, especially as we hope to see many more churches planted and multiplied in Australia. Archie Coates, the vicar designate and successor to Nicky Gumbel at HTB, shares with us his journey of planting St Peter’s in Brighton, raising up leaders, and opportunities for each of us to be stretched.
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Keri Ladouceur | Community Pastor, Community Christian Church, USA – Women in Leadership

How are we providing opportunities for leaders to be raised up? Join us this week as we hear from Keri Ladouceur, who leads the largest female-led Church in the US. Keri has a wide range of incredible leadership experiences, and she shares how she has been able to see incredible female leaders raised up in some of the ministries she has been able to help lead.

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Doc O’Connor | Lead Pastor, NewHope Baptist Church, NSW

Do you have a strategy? One of the bold invitations is to re-imagine and with God’s helps strategise opportunities into the future. Join us this week as we hear from David O’Connor, who has been able to help a local church get a vision for church planting beyond themselves into fresh opportunities all around them.

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Nicky Gumbel | Global Pioneer of Alpha 
& Vicar of HBTLondon, UK 

What does hope look like for you?
It’s very easy to get discouraged in the ministry of evangelism and church planting. Nicky is truly a globally renowned leader and shares some of the catalytic moments that saw a movement of church planting across the UK. Nicky also shares around his future, as well as some of their pivotal learnings around transition in leadership, and those who can often be overlooked for leadership.

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Bre Wilkinson | Planter & Network Leader,
Sent Collective 
Melbourne, VIC Australia 

Struggling with agility in this current season of ministry? Bre Wilkinson shares some of the very real challenges of initiating a micro church network throughout the last two years, and yet the opportunities to push into creativity and multiplication as part of her leadership of the “Sent” Collective.

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Tim Gardiner | Lead Pastor C3 Rouse Hill, 
NSW Australia 

Tim Gardiner, lead and planting Pastor of C3 Rouse Hill, shares candidly around some of the challenges of this season. He opens up about some of the great lessons learnt around reverse engineering, and what is required of leaders in this season. Tim also shares on the potency of a church passionate about planting and releasing leaders.

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Chris Podlich | Lead Pastor, Beyond Church &
Church Planting Mentor – Lutheran Church of Australia

Chris Podlich, church planter and mentor to church planters for the Lutheran Church shares his unique journey of an emerging vision to plant a church his unchurched friends would attend. Now Beyond Church is a highly successful multiplying church plant in Brisbane.

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Pete Hughes | Lead Pastor
Kings Cross Church (KXC), London, UK

Pete and his wife Bee have become globally recognised leaders pressing into renewal in God’s church within the United Kingdom. Having planted KXC (Kings Cross Church) 12 years ago, they have become serial “senders”, sending 7 different church plants of all different flavours.

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Mike and Jenny Wardrop | Lead Pastors
Encounter Church, Adelaide, Australia

Mike and Jenny lead a wonderful young church called Encounter Church planted from within the Uniting Churches in Adelaide. They share about the great challenges of pioneering something new, as well as how do couples lead and minister together with all its relational complexity.

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Amit Khaira Interview | Church Engagement
Compassion Australia

Amit Khaira works with Compassion in Perth, WA. Amit has been very involved with the birthing of “Movement day” and other such initiatives. He shares with Charlie from Exponential Australia, about a concept called GeoNetworking (Geographical Networking), and how churches can pray, serve, and disciple out of the recognised needs of communities and cities.

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James Schleusener Interview
The Collective Church, Brisbane

James Schleusener shares some of the confronting truths faced in God’s calling to church planting, and even some of the mistakes made in the first couple of years. He talks of the temptation to imitate certain models, while God placed the gifts of entrepreneurialism and creativity in his heart. Inspiring and honest reflections for any planter considering the type of Church God is calling them to pioneer.

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Benj Gould Interview | Greenhouse Church

Charlie Burke of Exponential Australia interviews Benj Gould. Ben shares how a vibrant church on the Central Coast (Narara Valley Baptist) was able to re-engineer itself towards church planting and a broader heart for the region. Greenhouse Church is doing a fantastic job engaging millennials, practicing spiritual disciplines in contemporary settings, and revitalising traditional spaces.

Adam Ramsey Interview | Acts 29 Asia Pacific

How to Identify & Qualify Church Planters. 
Charlie Burke of Exponential Australia interviews Adam Ramsey, Network Director Of Acts 29 Asia Pacific. Adam explains how to identify Church planters and the qualification process, as well as offering other insights into effective Church planting.

Warren Crank | Red Dirt Church

Warren talks about his dream of seeing pop up churches across Australia and why he left behind leading large churches to start a network of micro churches in small communities. It’s a great conversation where we talk about Warren’s desire to see ordinary men and women empowered to reach ordinary Aussies.

Gary Hourigan | International Network of Churches 

Gary, the Director of Church Planting, Health and Growth for INC (the International Network of Churches) talks about how he assesses potential church planters and how he looks for their “eligibility” as well as their “suitability”. Gary talks about how a good assessment process is beneficial to coaching church planters and why a sense of call is critical if planters are going to persevere through the tough times as well as the good times.

Steve Addison | Author and Movement Catalyst

Steve Addison shares some thoughts about his early church planting career and why he has changed his approach over the years from starting churches to make disciples to making disciples to start churches.

Philip Kua | Churches of Christ Vic/Tas

Philip talks about Churches of Christ’s desire to see churches planted in Victoria and Tasmania. He also unpacks some of his own journey from leading a large church to leading a micro church. Philip also discusses why he believes that the model of church planting should arise from a desire to make disciples and carry the love of Jesus into the community.

Steve Fogg | Online Ministry

Steve Fogg talks about how online ministry has evolved as well as where he believes it will end up. Steve describes why he believes churches must combine online with face to face ministry and why and how church plants must ensure that they face up to the opportunity online ministry presents.

Peyton Jones | Church Plantology

Peyton Jones talks about his new book Church Plantology and discusses the difference between a church plant and a church start, why not all church planters are apostolic and the place for planting with Strike Teams. Peyton concludes with the one piece of advice he would give to all church planters.

Scott Sanders | Reach Australia

Scott Sanders talks about the work of Reach Australia, Geneva Push and the financial assistance available through the Gospel Future Fund. Scott passionately believes that our nation needs to see churches that reach people being planted.

Alan Hirsch | 5Q Central

Alan Hirsch talks about APEST, and why he believes having Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds and Teachers is central to God’s plan for healthy churches and movements. For more resources about APEST, go to

Rohan Dredge | ARC Australasia

Rohan Dredge is Executive Director of ARC Australasia. The ARC model of church planting has been described as being like Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Church model on steroids. It provides a mix of spirituality and structure to assist churches to plant from a position of strength. In this conversation, Rohan talks about characteristics of the ARC model as well as mentioning how it has been applied in Australia.

Ric Thorpe | Resource Churches 

Ric Thorpe, the author of “Resource Churches” is the Bishop of Islington in England, otherwise known as “the Bishop off Church Planting”. In this interview we talk about the amazing results that have occurred with the establishing of Resource Churches throughout England. Over the last 10 years, Ric has seen 100 Resource Churches established. These churches are planting churches that are planting churches, with amazing results. I highly recommend all denominational, movement and network leaders grab a copy of Resource Churches and go beyond reading it to praying and strategising how Resource Churches may revitalise their church planting efforts.

Jamie Freeman | NSW and ACT Baptists

NSW and ACT Baptists have an audacious goal of increasing their number of churches threefold by 2050. They have a well thought out “Blended Ecology” Strategy that identifies four different models of church structure that will suit different planters in different locations. There’s a lot that we can learn from the wisdom Jamie Freeman shares as he leads his movement’s charge of church multiplication.

Edi Stephenson BDC

Edi Stephenson from BDC talks about why building a discipling culture is critical if our churches are to reach people and make disciples. At present in Australia, the average rate at which churches see people make first time faith commitments is only approximately 1person a year per every 100 people attending the church. Edi describes how by coaching leaders in applying the words, works and ways of Jesus, people discover that they can be disciples that multiply.

David Storer | Kindom City 

David Storer from Kingdom City in Perth Western Australia has seen outstanding fruit in the 9 churches that were planted out of the church that he led.

He also describes how entering a milk bar in Halls Gap in Victoria became a pivotal moment in his life and ministry leading to critical changes of perspectives and a deeper understanding of the Kingdom of God. David also describes lessons he has learnt in raising leaders and counter intuitive kingdom mathematics which have been critical in seeing leaders raised and churches planted.

Bill Hodgson | Power to Change 

Bill Hodgson from Power to Change (formerly Campus crusade for Christ) talks about church planting, multiplication and disciple making in the Australian context. Bill also gives some perspectives on what the minimum criteria for being a church might be and why multiplication doesn’t appear to occur in developed countries at the same rate as in developing countries.

Richard Green | C3 Ryde 

C3 Ryde in Sydney, led by Richard Green has seen over 120 churches both in Australia and overseas planted from it. And many of these churches have gone on to plant other churches, making C3 Ryde not only a church planting church, but a church that multiplies. We can learn so much from Richard, his experience and his wisdom. Richard will be one of the speakers at the Exponential Australia Multipliers event on October 16, 2021.

John Bond and Daron Crothers | DCPI

If you haven’t heard of Dynamic Church Planting International, you need to watch this interview. John Bond and Daron Crothers, in Perth WA, provide leadership to DCPI in Australia, Asia and the Pacific, training planters to plant new churches using principle based church planter training.

Julie-anne Laird | Place

Julie-anne Laird is the Anglican Canon for Church Planting in Melbourne, as well as being part of the Australian City to City team. Here Julie-anne talks about her work with the Anglican Church to stimulate church planting across the city.

Oreste Pompetti | Forge

Oreste Pompetti is the Melbourne Director of Forge. Many people have heard about Forge over the years, but don’t necessarily know about the work they do in disciple making, helping change church culture and church planting. In this chat, Oreste shares about the work Forge does in Australia.

Joel Shaw

Joel Shaw talks about how as he trains people, God is doing amazing things in multiplying disciples and groups not just in his home state of Queensland but in many nations around the world.

Kim Hammond | New Thing

Kim is the Oceanic Director of the New Thing church planting network and has been responsible for establishing New Thing in Australia. In 2020 New Thing planted 982 churches in 44 countries across 389 networks. Kim is also the President of the Global Board of Forge and a Director of Exponential Australia.

Steve Addison | Church Planting Catalyst

Steve is a catalyst for movements that multiply disciples and churches, everywhere. He is an author, speaker, podcaster, and mentor to movement pioneers. Join Tim O’Neill as he chats with Steve about his new book, Your Part in God’s Story, an invitation for Jesus to do for you what he did for those disciples.

Derek Hanna | Geneva Push

Derek Hanna is General Manager of Geneva Push, an Australian church planting network that aims to inspire, equip and unleash a new generation of church planters and church planting couples. They are committed to evangelising new churches into existence which become established healthy churches ready to plant new churches across Australia. In this conversation, Tim O’Neill interviews Derek about how Geneva Push raise church planters and their vision goal of seeing an additional 200 churches planted over the next 10 years.

Daniel Sih | Hope Groups

Lockdown in Hobart in 2020 saw Daniel Sih create a new opportunity to train leaders of Hope Groups with the outstanding consequence of more than 150 Hope Groups being started on every continent with the exception of Antarctica! In this conversation, Daniel and Tim O’Neill discuss how this happened and what Hope Groups are.

Ric Thorpe | Bishop of Islington, UK;
Melinda Dwight | Alpha Australia

Join Tim O’Neill as he chats with Ric Thorpe, Bishop of Islington in the UK and Melinda Dwight from Alpha Australia as they share their journey to discover and train church planters.

Dave Lawton | Praxeis

Join Tim O’Neill as he chats with Dave Lawton from Praxeis. Praxis is a movement of people in local churches who are on a mission to be disciples of Jesus who are making disciples through prayer and discovery bible study.

Andrew Katay | City to City

Andrew is CEO of City to City in Australia and speaks about their vision for assisting denominations and movements in Australia revitalise existing churches and plant new ones.

Bree Mills | Micro Church

Bree talks about micro churches in Australia and describes five components that healthy micro churches should possess.

Peyton Jones | Church Plantology

Peyton Jones talks about his new book Church Plantology and discusses the difference between a church plant and a church start, why not all church planters are apostolic and the place for planting with Strike Teams. Peyton concludes with the one piece of advice he would give to all church planters.

Scott Sanders | Reach Australia

Scott Sanders talks about the work of Reach Australia, Geneva Push and the financial assistance available through the Gospel Future Fund. Scott passionately believes that our nation needs to see churches that reach people being planted.

Alan Hirsch | 5Q Central

Alan Hirsch talks about APEST, and why he believes having Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds and Teachers is central to God’s plan for healthy churches and movements. For more resources about APEST, go to