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Exponential Infographic

Exponential Australia Infographic

How you can begin to engage with CHURCH PLANTING. Exponential Australia is working with 20 denominations and 40 networks and ministries to identify the top things we can do in this season of VUCA and Church crisis to stimulate 1,000 new churches a year by 2032.

Updated 15 July 2024. 

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As a missional leader I was desperate to see my friends come to faith. I just didn’t know how to get conversations going. Then I came across a simple tool, a simple system which helps me share Jesus with my non Christian friends on a monthly basis. A relationship tool. I’ve seen 23 of my friends come to faith.

Pastor at Tailrace Community Church

The harvest is flourishing! The Bible says ‘workers are few’ and the answer is prayer. Together we will go on a journey of discussing the new era we have entered to reaching a world that is becoming increasingly disinterested in the Church but still curious about Jesus. There is a beauty in praying vulnerable prayers that are open to the leading of Holy Spirit as we see a reaping of the harvest to the glory of Jesus.

Convoy of Hope Regional Director, Oceania

In this workshop Pete Greig unlocks powerful biblical principles to equip individuals and churches to change communities and even nations through the power of persevering intercession and faith filled spiritual warfare. At a time when many people are (wonderfully) exploring quiet contemplative prayer it’s essential that we also pray in ways that can truly change the world. As Pete says, “If I receive a terminal diagnosis please don’t send me someone who knows how to stare at a candle in silence; I’m going to need someone who knows how to lay hold of the promises of God, exercise their authority in Christ and shake the heavens on my behalf. Send me someone who knows how to pray!

Founder, 24-7 Prayer

Effective Community Engagement

A church is like a lighthouse in the community, to help people find safe passage through life. Doing Sunday well is important, but empowering people to reach and influence every sphere of life is crucial. This workshop is about the everyday church

Convoy of Hope Regional Director, Oceania

Amidst the dynamic tapestry of global migration, we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to embark on a transformative journey. This workshop unfolds a narrative of hope, steeped in lived experiences and the timeless wisdom of the Bible. We will explore the profound biblical narrative of Hospitality, shaping our leadership with grace and compassion. Embark on a journey toward cultural intelligence, mastering cultural understanding, communication skills, and heartfelt empathy as we open our heart and home to migrant and refugee communities. Let us be a catalyst for change and unity, forging a path toward a more inclusive, compassionate world. Join us in this vital mission.

Gateway Ministry School Director

Discover successful strategies for identifying community needs, drawing from experiences in challenging global contexts. Equip yourself with practical tools to assess and address your own community’s unique challenges, fostering positive change and engagement.

Rev. Noddy Sharma -Head of Community and Faith Partnerships

Andy is passionate about empowering those with a vision for their community. In this workshop, you’ll hear keys to pioneering your dreams and goals, woven in with real-life experiences as Andy worked with volunteers to establish the largest support network in Australia for schoolies, festivals, and university students.
This interactive session with Boss Frog covers:
• Current trends in youth and student culture.
• Relevant ways to reach and impact young adults.
• Keys to effecting cultural change in your sphere of influence.
• Developing and implementing relevant programs for young adults.
• Q and A discussing questions on community outreach and engagement strategies.

Founder & CO - Red Frogs Australia

What if increasing the impact of your church in the wider community was actually about doing less? What if God has already equipped your congregation to love others in a way no one else can, and surrounded you with abundant resources to transform your city? Join Nic Mackay as, together, we unpack the results from some of NAYBA’s recent Impact Audits in Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast and explore the unique role for your church within the unified Body of Christ.

National Director, NAYBA Australia

It’s predicted that upwards of 70% of Australians will reside in high-rise, high-density developments by 2050. How does the Church get on the front foot of this new mission frontier? How can we plant upwards and build healthy authentic community in a highly urbanised and often multi-ethnic ecosystem? Come and hear about the Together for Ryde Network’s Vertical Villages project, explore the research, and discover tools to begin a Vertical Villages conversation with your own congregation.

Convenor of Vertical Villages Project for Together for Ryde Network and Lead Pastor of LifeWay Lutheran Church.

It’s no secret that Australian society is becoming increasingly hostile to the Christian faith. Now is the time for the church in Australia to follow the examples of our persecuted family around the globe. The refining fire of persecution leads to Jesus-dependent disciples who continue to multiply, plant churches, and lovingly engage their neighbours. As the Aussie church learns the stories and prays for our persecuted family, we will see how God is at work to grow his church, and also be inspired by the courageous faith of our brothers and sisters as they shine the light of Christ in the darkest of places.

Relationship Manager Open Doors Australia

A lot of Christians have gone silent, and aren’t talking about their faith. How can we help them to be more equipped and confident in sharing their faith?

Chair, Lausanne Australia & Specialist for Evangelism and Mission, CTCA

Empowering Leadership

Now more than ever we need to identify, encourage, empower and develop women as leaders in the church. And yet many women still experience both personal and systemic “glass ceilings” that have held them back from fully stepping into God’s leadership call on their lives.

This interactive session is for both men and women who would like to explore ways to effectively raise up women into leadership in their context and look more closely at the obstacles that might potentially stand in the way.

Rachel will be drawing from her own journey into leadership as well as sharing the lessons she’s learned through intentionally creating a church culture that empowers and enables women to be released as leaders

Senior Pastor, Gas Street Church, Birmingham UK & Co-Founder of ‘The Orchard’

In this workshop Alan will explore the paradigm shifting dynamics of biblical metanoia and how God changes individuals and organizations from the inside out. This will be an introduction into the content and process of his latest book Metanoia.

Missiologist, Thought Leader, Author

When it comes to planting and leading churches in our increasingly secular age there are so many models and methodologies available for leaders to choose from. But often these are pragmatically driven without deep theological foundations. In this workshop Jon will explore the difference between apostolic versus late modern evangelical church planting.

Lead Pastor, Church of the City NYC

What if the most potent way to be missionally effective in your local community was not by devoting more hours to church leadership, but to place yourself back in the work force alongside the same people who attend your church and are trying to live their faith out each day. For the last 15 years I have been intentionally bivocational and it has been the single most transformative experience of my own Christian leadership. In this workshop I want to offer some insights into how this approach can increase your missional effectiveness and in turn your church leadership.

Missional leader, Author, Business owner

There was a time when the Christian faith was compelling, engaging, and irresistible. In fact, there was a time when the Church was so irresistible, that it literally changed the world. Today, not so much. Studies show that while most Australians are okay with Jesus, they are hesitant of the Church, and wary of church people. So how do we get back to an irresistible model of Church? This practical session is for anyone who cares deeply about the future of the Church in Australia.

Lead Pastor Suncoast Church & Impact Church Canberra.

To see churches planted across Australia, we will need flexible models where church planters exercise their gifts both in the local church as well as the world around them. The “Portfolio Life” enables leaders to use their gifts to impact more than one sphere of influence by juggling more than one world.

Come and hear how your gifts can be a blessing to many more people you have ever thought of.

Our presenter, Markus Koch, leads a portfolio life! Besides planting and leading Brighton Beach Church, he also manages his corporate advisory firm which focusses on working with founders and CEO’s. Markus is also a director of Exponential.

Business Leader & Church Planter Senior Minister, Brighton Beach Church/Corporate Advisor

In this workshop we will explore the values, expression and blueprint of the first century church and how these values differ from The Church today. Could a return to the biblical values and expression of ekklesia help propel the modern Church in its mission to make disciples of all nations?

Leader of Revive The Way

The Church in Australia needs great leaders and it’s our job to develop them. In this elective we’ll explore the importance of leadership development. We’ll chat about the significance of nurturing outstanding leaders in today’s ever-changing world. You’ll get the lowdown on practical leadership strategies and snag some nifty tools to boost your leadership development game. Come along to share what you know and learn from each other as we explore what developing more leaders who are led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus

Emerging Leaders Director for Arrow Leadership Australia

Innovative church planting

With the advent of terms such as multiplication, remissioning and revitalization has come an unusual amount of attention on business or secular models for doing church planting. Missing in almost every contemporary resource regarding church multiplication is an ad fontes of sorts regarding aspects of mission, evangelization and multiplication within early Christian tradition (post New Testament). This workshop looks to explore such themes (mission, evangelization and multiplication) within the life and writings of the early Fathers and Mothers of the church in hopes that by recovering aspects of Paleo-Multiplication, contemporary efforts may become more biblically rooted and ecclesiologically sound.

Associate Provost for Lifelong Learning Asbury Theological Seminary

Getting the word out about your church can be hard and frustrating. In this workshop you will learn how to reach more people and change more lives through social media.

Online Campus Pastor & Digital Marketer – Crossway Baptist Church

In this workshop Toby Neal will be thinking through how to build a culture of mission from the early stages of a church plant. We will consider how to multiply contacts, empower your team and utilise different kinds of events to introduce people to the life, love and freedom Jesus offers.

Lead Pastor of Vine Church, Surry Hills

Well-built foundations determine the size, strength and longevity of any endeavour. Best practice governance is an essential element of Church Planting foundations. In this workshop we will discuss best practices for governance including structures, compliance requirements, authority and accountability. Whether it’s handling your finances, what company structure works best for your church plant, how to choose a director or an elder or what’s the difference anyway we will cover off the foundations to ensure your church plant starts strong!

Senior Pastor C3 Church Carlingford; Regional Director South Asia – C3 Global

We will work on practical tools and strategies for you to connect the pressure points of church planting with the good news of Jesus Christ. If you’re currently involved in planting, considering it in the future, or would love to hear some teaching on your spiritual health in ministry, come along and let’s get to work together to see the differences Jesus Christ makes.

Assistant Director of Church Planting, City to City Australia & Planting Pastor of Renew Anglican Church, Canberra

The best way to see a community transformed is by planting a church that loves its people. In this session, we will discuss the practical partnership that aims to equip and empower pastors so that plants have the strongest foundation for lifelong growth. The commitment is to plant life-giving and gospel-breathing churches that spread the love of Christ into its community.

Founder & Senior Pastor, CentrePoint Church, ACC National Executive Team Member and Director of HarvestNet

This workshop will talk about why micro churches are particularly effective in the Australian context and give you a framework to plant micro churches in ways that produce fruit that will last. This framework has been developed from healthy Australian micro churches who multiply. The workshop will speak to micro churches as a model of church planting in its own right, and in partnership with existing churches that are seeking to further their reach into their local community.

Director, Micro Movements

Questions to ponder – What if were possible to make a prediction for the success of a church plant with a high degree of certainty? What if we could accurately ascertain whether a church planter is “ready” and what future development is required? What is the cost of not being able to do this?

In this workshop we will discuss the essential characteristics of successful church planters, and how we can identify them. Knowing what to look for is the first step. This is not an area for guess work, so let’s take that out!

Mark: Church Planting Assessor, A2A Movement | Gary: Director, Church Health & Church Planting – INC

Eating is of tremendous spiritual significance throughout Scripture – from Creation and Fall in Genesis to the marriage supper of the Lamb in Revelation. But in many churches, breaking bread has been reduced to mere symbolism and metaphor. And even where food might be a regular occurrence (e.g. pizza at Friday night youth), we often have a practice of eating together without a conscious theology supporting it.

Come and learn why an intentional practice of breaking bread should be included in our strategies for planting and sustaining churches, and why it is arguably as important as preaching, worship and prayer!

Lead Pastor of Flow Church Melbourne

Get a deep understanding of the M4 Team Process, the background for its development and the opportunity to explore more. Participants will understand why we shifted from training the church planter to training both the church planter and her/his team. They will also understand how this process has been made simple enough to operate in 15 nations, languages and cultures and how a 10 years process looks like. 


In this workshop we will explore the latent potentials of the Ephesians 4 typology of ministry (APEST/fivefold) and how it can is critical for generating and sustain church planting movements in our time.

Missiologist, Thought Leader, Author

One of the concepts DCPI utilises is a Mother-Daughter approach to the planting of new churches for Christ. God wants new churches, whether they come intentionally or unintentionally. First, we will explore the reasons for unintentional Church Planting as well as the pain that may sometimes occur as a result. This leads to considerations given to a more intentional approach to church planting as well as exploring some alternative models.

World Zone Leader for Dynamic Church Planting International Asia South East Pacific

Intentional Discipleship

Historically reformation follows pandemic. We are entering the greatest season of evangelism ever and Alpha is here to help serve and provide resources to help every community be engaged in the great commission.
In this session we will explore the question ‘Are there core values that underpin effective evangelism in every space?’ giving participants tools for approaching evangelism in their context, with ways to equip their congregations to be effective in their witness.

National Director, Alpha Australia

Sometimes the never ending demands of ministry feels like a merry-go-round of demands and activities. Although we are constantly moving we can sense we are not journeying far and disciplemaking and multiplication can seem completely out of reach. How do we lead in such a way that the work of ministry can result in the outcomes of disciplemaking movements and multiplication? How do we ensure that the main thing is realigned as the main thing in continuing Jesus mission? This workshop will provide a Biblical framework from the model of Jesus that is simple, transferable, and rigorous and effective in empowering leaders wanting to make that shift from ministry to movements.

Power to Change, Australia - Church Movements. Director Partnerships & SHIFTm2M. Regional Leader Nth America Oceania - Church Movements (Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ)

Join the BDC team to explore some of the key principles, processes, and practices we have developed and uncovered in our own journey of discipleship. We will unpack key strategies to activate people in your church to not only explore and share their own faith, but help their friends find faith in Jesus. We will look at ways that you can start reframing people’s understanding of mission to release them into creative new expressions of “being and bringing the good news of Jesus” to people in their local neighbourhoods and communities.

National Director BDC

What are some of the most impactful discipleship tools fueling multiplication movements worldwide? A compact toolkit, drawn from global best practices, serves as the cornerstone for movements like Haiti, where an astounding average of 1000 baptisms occur daily. Hear about the exponential growth of 5+ generational disciples and churches flourishing in regions like Tonga, the Philippines, and California. Explore the reasons behind the global viral spread of these tools and their effectiveness in the Australian context. In this information-packed session, you will be introduced to simple, biblical and reproducing tools that have catalysed millions to embrace Christ—a practical resource you can readily implement with a single new disciple or a network of churches

CEO of Multiply Movement, Co-Founder of Acts Now Moment


From the original commission in the garden (Gen 1) to the great commission on the mountain (Matt 28), multiplication is at the heart of God’s plan. The planting of reproducing churches is central to seeing the great commission become a reality. In this workshop, we will explore the why and how of planting reproducing churches. It is one thing to plant a church. Planting a church with multiplication engrained in its DNA is another thing. Reproducing churches is not automatic. It takes conviction, intention and a spirit-empowered plan.

Australian Director for Acts 29

Multiplication and Movement are interconnected.  However, in the West, due to heavy legal compliance and risk management, the focus and priority has heavily shifted towards building risk-free organisations. While this was greatly needed, I feel the pendulum has swung too far from one extreme to the other. As a result, we have lost innovation, pioneering, creativity and apostolic and entrepreneurial leaders who have been forced to become managerial leaders. As a result, we have great organisations but lack the sweeping social and spiritual impact and transformation that can only be achieved through a movement. So, to be effective in leading a movement, one needs to understand the differences between organisation and movement.

The reality is that momentum and order can clash, but, if momentum is not ordered properly, it can cause major havoc and possible damage; and order will not necessarily create momentum. 

Creating a healthy and growing movement (with structure) requires more than just new organisational design. It will take rethinking of the nature and the structure of organisations entirely. In this session we will look at some of the key concepts and principles around this.

Founder & President, Empart

What is your vision for multiplication? What would it look like if God exploded multiplication in and through your church? What would it look like to join others in reaching your city? What are the roadblockers to Multiplication? These are a few of the questions we will explore together. Using principles taken from the globally tested New Thing Movement System, we will explore some practical strategies whilst also connecting with other kingdom-minded individuals who are passionate about expanding God’s kingdom too. Together, let’s kick church multiplication up a notch!

Regional Director - New Thing Oceania

Culture is built on stories, images, language, artifacts and liturgy – this workshop will unpack practical and helpful ways to shape and maintain a culture where multiplication is the norm rather than the exception. Starting with some of Jesus’ stories and practices that foster multiplicity, it will then equip you with four modern-day parables to help churches see themselves in a new and dynamic way.

Director of Crossover for Australian Baptist Ministries